Fire Damage Tips

Most people have no idea what to do during a crisis like a fire at their home or business. It's uncharted territory. Here are some tips for property owners facing the aftermath of a fire, large or small, at their property.

1. Safety First

Your local fire marshall will inform you when it is safe to re-enter the property. Wait until they tell you the structure is safe.

2. Hands Off

Do not handle fire-damaged or smoke-damaged materials with your bare hands. The residue may contain biohazard contaminants, and your hands' natural oils may worsen the damage caused by soot.

3. Secondary Expenses

Your homeowner's insurance policy will cover secondary expenses like hotel rooms if you don't have a functional kitchen or bathroom due to a fire. Keep your receipts!

4. Important Items to Salvage if Possible

Essential items to salvage, if possible: Insurance/tax documents, jewelry, precious heirlooms, etc. Your restoration team can pack other items for storage off-site during the cleaning and reconstruction process.

5. Be Prepared for Water Damage

The water from fire hoses will have flooded certain areas of your home, leaving behind a soggy mess. That will need to be mitigated along with the fire damage itself.

6. Ask Before You Launder

Standard laundry detergents will not remove the lingering odors caused by smoke or soot. Ask your restoration company about how your textiles can be laundered and restored.